Who would lead the race for highest goal scorer in the Premier League

As the 2017/18 Premier League season begins, there are already a lot of anticipations and expectations of who will be the Champions at the end of the season…but there is also a lot of predicting who will lead the race as Top goal scorer.

Last season, the award was won by Harry Kane of Tottenham and to be honest, he is still a contender to win it again for the upcoming season. A lot hasn’t changed for Tottenham in terms of squad and the English man himself has been continuously improving. Without any measure injury, Kane will be the favorite for this season.

Romelu Lukaku who was runner up for the award, with Everton, a team that didn’t even finish in the top 4, is also another serious contestant. He is now with Manchester United and knows the Premier League well. If he adapts with his team mates, he could win the award.

Also, there is Alexis Sanchez who finished 3rd last season but was really amazing in general for the club. There were rumours linking him away from the Emirates, which have calmed down now and he is set to stay for at least one more season. If injury doesn’t disturb him, then he will be a guy to be watched.

Then there is the ever-steady Sergio Aguero who has taken the award before and has the experience. He too is always a contestant for the award.

Alexandre Lacazette and Alvaro Morata who recently joined the Premier League will also fancy their chances of winning the award, even though it is really difficult as they haven’t yet mastered the League.

Of course there will be many other strikers who can go ahead and surprise everyone. Diego Costa is sure to leave the Premier League…but if at the end he stays, there is no telling what could happen.

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