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December 1st marked as National Democracy Day

On Saturday, 1st December 2018, members of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in The Gambia gathered at the Law Faculty of the University of The Gambia to commemorate the day that citizens collectively fought back dictatorship and tyranny by voting for change.
This day marked the beginning of what many refer to as the return of democracy to The Gambia. Thus, they came together to talk about the gains registered, the challenges faced, and the way forward.
The organizers had arranged for various stakeholders to converge and discuss the issues of concern all geared towards strengthening the democratic institutions with a view to entrenching it in the country for the future.
There were discussions on the past, the current situations, and the way and manner in which the country can build on the gains and boost the democratic processes for a better and more prosperous Gambia.
There was also a dialogue between the political parties and the audience which proved to be very educative and interactive. The attendees had the chance to put questions directly to representatives of the main political parties in the country.

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