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CCG and Civil Society Associations Welcomes Release Of Dr. Amadou Scattred Janneh

The Coalition for Change-Gambia (CCG) and the Civil Society Associations- Gambia (CSAG) welcome the release of Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh, national coordinator of the CCG, from Mile 2 Central Prisons, in The Gambia. Dr. Janneh was sentenced to life in prison in January 2012, after spending a year in solitary detention. The CCG and CSAG wish, therefore, to take this opportunity to thank Gambians and friends of Gambia at home and around the world for their unflinching support before and during Dr. Janneh’s incarceration.  The petitions you signed, letters you wrote, comments you made, demonstrations you marched in and all other efforts, direct and indirect, contributed to exert pressure on The Gambian regime to release and expel Dr. Janneh from Gambia. CCG and CSAG equally welcome the release of Tamsir Jasseh, a former Director General of the Gambia Immigration Service and veteran of the U.S marine who was sentenced to life for allegedly planning a coup d’etat of the Gambian regime. Both Dr Janneh and Tamsir Jasseh hold dual Gambian and United States of America citizenship.

Speaking to colleagues following his release, Dr Janneh confirmed, contrary to popular belief, that both he and Tamsir Jasseh were not pardoned by Gambian president Yahya Jammeh, but were “expelled in-stead from The Gambia” as citizens of the United States of America.  Dr. Janneh disclosed there were no previous consultations between them and the regime.  And, that their legal representatives or families were not informed.  Dr. Janneh added that all the expenses for their expulsion from Gambia were incurred by the Gambia Government.

CCG and CSAG wish to further reassure the Gambian public both at home and abroad and friends of The Gambia around the world that the organizations remain committed as ever before to the struggle to free The Gambia from political tyranny. As civil society organizations, both remain committed to their founding principles of working to put an END TO DICTATORSHIP in The Gambia.  The arrest, detention, imprisonment and release of Dr Janneh over the past year and half are clear indications of our readiness to deploy every resource at our disposal to continue the fight against the tyranny in The Gambia.

The Coalition for Change The Gambia is particularly concerned about the safety and security of the two contracted t-shirt printers; Modou Keita and Ebrima Jallow, who were charged and imprisoned with Dr Janneh. The two printers continue to languishing in Mile Two Central Prisons and we will not rest until they and all Gambian political prisoners languishing in the horrible Mile 2 Central Prisons in The Gambia are released.

We once again extend the heartfelt sympathies of Dr Janneh and the entire CCG/CSAG team to the family of Micheal Uche Thomas, the third printer sentenced alongside Dr Janneh who died in the Mile Two Central Prisons.

CCG and CSAG take this opportunity to reecho our condemnation of the recent executions of the 9 (nine) death row inmates at the Mile 2 Prisons.  We further call on the Gambian Government to go beyond mere empty rhetoric to concretize its policy of a moratorium and the abolition of the death penalty.

In the effort to mobilize Gambians around the globe and harness the opposition to Gambia’s military dictatorship, CSAG once again underscores the need to create and strengthen an alliance of like-minded Gambian Organizations from around the world with the objective of ending the dictatorship in The Gambia.

Dr. Amadou S Janneh, accompanied by some CCG and CSAG representatives, will begin overseas travel as early as next week in the effort to seek international support to end the dictatorship in The Gambia.

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