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Belgian charity donates GOVI

go rencontres koa By Olimatou Coker الخيارات الثنائية مراجعة بوت Development Association, a charitable organisation based in Belgium recently handed over some learning materials worth over 1 million dalasis to the Gambia Organisation of Visually Impaired resource centre.
The donated items included Braille machine, Braille printers, laptops, black pint books. Mrs Lea Wuyts Telenet, the donor, said she came to The Gambia in 2006 after her husband passed away. “I started as a volunteer with the disables which I started to sponsor children after distributing walker lights. These are lights with some panel then after I came to the school, because I used to travel with disables and visually impaired people as well,” she said.

follow She said the visually impaired people need more attention than any other people in the Gambia because they don’t have any help from others.
“So that’s why I went back to my country and I try to find someone who can help me in sponsoring these children,” she added.
She promised to do more for the children and the school.  

go site Mrs Natoma Camara, the acting head mistress of the school, said she met Mrs Lea last year when her deputy introduced them.
“These machines they just donated the school are not in the country. What we know here are a pen and a paper. When you go to any shop and bookshops you can buy them but you cannot find Braille Machine for sell in the country,” she said.

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