A Time to act; A Time for Consensus Building

It would be a betrayal of the highest order against our Republic if we permit corridor distractions to derail the over-riding goal of achieving fundamental political reforms in our country. The momentum built through collective affirmative action risks being diluted owing to unfavorable crevices emerging among the alternative movement. It is natural under current exigencies to accommodate divergence provided it does not threaten the potential for political convergence. These are delicate times and it requires sober reflection, sacrifice, pragmatic leadership and commitment to a common vision for a new and Better Gambia. Let us rally towards this Vision putting aside corridor divergences by projecting the national interest above ambition and self.In this intervention, I make this Declaration as a Gambian citizen, seeking to work with like minds and you all in an inclusive effort involving all Gambians of all backgrounds and political views. These efforts and my current approach are being demonstrated within that spirit and NOT as the Partisan Leader of GMC. The partisan interests of GMC must be subordinated to the collective non-partisan approach, involving all elements within the alternative movement, in an inclusive manner. The current dossier does not permit partisanship. I urge you all to view the efforts as part of the collective whole, because I know too well that we are not in a partisan struggle. I stand for the interest of all Gambians irrespective of our individual inclinations or political positions. I neither unreasonably project nor seek to position GMC in taking profit out of the fierce challenges we face or carving new political opportunities for personal ambition. Such partisan interest as GMC may have dwindles in comparison to the collective interests. I stand for all, ready to join all across all persuasions, and willing to do whatever menial tasks required in protecting and defending The Gambia as a servant of our people.

I wish to reach out to you all individually and collectively in the national interest for concerted action in effectively canalizing all efforts and energies in the superior task of resolving the challenges we experience. My duty is to unite all competing forces for a New and Better Gambia. Our people have demanded this for too long and yes we cannot wait for tomorrow. Time is not on our side.

As I round up a shuttle diplomacy around major capitals, evidence will show I represented the collective non partisan interests of our people. The prevailing view as per my consultations around foreign capitals, indicate overwhelming sympathy for our collective cause. We must not prodigalize this gigantic goodwill. That will not inure to the advantage of our national interest. It should not be permitted. Consensus should be the key and inclusion should be the only formulae. Let us come together, put differences aside, work together and save Mother Gambia. God the Republic of The Gambia!!

Mai Ahmad Fatty
(Steering) National Representative Assembly (NARA)

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