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Jammeh threatens opposition with death but conveniently ignores Senegal

  Jammeh walking out of a polling station in 2011 (By Sidi Sanneh) Yaya Jammeh’s current tour of the provinces is characterized by hauling insults at the opposition by referring to them as vermin and threatening to killing opposition members and burying them 9 feet deep. His venom was not reserved only for the political class but for anyone who …

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Gambia and Senegal fail to reach agreement on border closure; next round of negotiations in July, meanwhile borders remain closed

  Foreign Ministers McDoull-Gaye of Gambia  SenegalGaye and Ndiaye The 14-hour talks between Gambia and Senegal on the 13-week old border closure lasted until the wee hours of Monday morning without reaching an agreement. The next round of negotiations is scheduled for July which means the borders between the two countries will remain closed until then, assuming that the two …

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Senegal should call Jammeh's bluff

Sidi Sanneh  The border closure negotiations have barely opened in Dakar this morning before the Gambian dictator uttered provocative comments designed for his local audience in The Gambia, even though it has the potential of negatively impacting the negotiations. Jammeh was quoted by AFP to have said prior to the opening of the negotiations :”I have no intention of going …

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Border closure negotiations will be long and tedious

Negotiations on the 12-week border closure between the two countries opened today in the Senegalese capital city of Dakar, after wranglings about the venue was settled following Gambia’s insistence that they should take place in Banjul. The opening statement by the Senegalese Foreign Minister, Mankeur Ndiaye appears to have set the stage for what promises to be a long drawn-out …

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